Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harmony Happenings - Phebes

(Theme music plays)

Hello and welcome to Harmony Happenings, a show that delves into the real lives of those living in Harmony. I am your host, Debbie Kliene.

On today's show, we will be interviewing the Phebes Family. You will get to know the family and get an insiders look at the women of Drake!

So DON'T ... touch that dial!

(commercial break)

(coffee cups clanking)

(light murmurings and chairs sliding)

Debbie: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Phebes. I can't help but notice you seem a little sad. May I ask what has happened?

Phebes: Mark forgot to take out the trash again and missed pickup. (sips coffee) Really? Well, a few days ago we got broke into for the second time and the Cat really made a mess this time.

Debbie: I heard that resulted in a fight. Is that true, Mark?
Mark: Yea, there may or may not have been some pushing and shoving. But as you can see (flexes) ... I still look damn fine. Does that tell you what you want to know? (brushes off shoulder)

Debbie: Well *ahem* Phebes, why choose writing as a career?
Phebes: Ever since I was a child, I would dream vividly. That carried on throughout my adult years and I started to write them down so I would remember them. (stares off) I wish I had kept a dream journal as a child...

Debbie: Phebes? (snaps fingers) PHEBES!
Phebes: Oh yes, where was I? Uh .. I began making short stories out of my dreams, simply to keep for myself as a keepsake. Maybe one day, if I am brave enough, I might try and get one published for the public eye. Until then, I will continue writing freelance articles.

Debbie: That is so interesting and good luck with that. I wonder, if it wasn't through work then how was it that you became acquainted with Drake?
Phebes: I ran into Drake at the Laundromat. Our washing machine has been squeaking lately and Mark hasn't gotten around to fixing it OR calling a repairman. (looks pointedly at Mark)

(commercial break)

Phebes: (continues) What with two teens and Mark's dirty ACU's, I visit the Laundromat at least a few times a week just to keep on top of things. Drake was out and about and I found him quite a pleasure to chat with. That is, after I informed him of my marital status when he tried to ask my sign.

Debbie: I find that intriguing. I also find the fact that you have no female friends VERY intriguing! Why is it you only seem to befriend unattached males?


Phebes: Wow, pull in the claws, Debbie. (sighs) All my life I have had trouble making friends with other women. For some reason I just can't make and keep girlfriends. Guys are so laid back and careless about petty things. I find it much easier to befriend men. No worries though. (turns to Mark) I keep my husband in the loop at all times. There are (slices hand through the air) no secrets here. Now excuse me, I have to start lunch. (chairs scrape as everyone stands)

Debbie: So Mark, how do you like working for Mr B? Did you find it difficult to earn your promotions?
Mark: Mr B has been great and I'm not just saying that because he is my boss.

Mark: Being new in town, I didn't know him as anything more than my boss. But now we have become the best of friends. As far as promotions ....

Mark: I take pride in my job and the service it provides. Because I believe in the work I do, it makes it easier to give my job my all, each and every day.

Mark: And check out these guns!
Debbie: Uh .. O .. K .. Thanks, Mark.

(commercial break)

(dance beat plays loudly on radio)
Debbie: (yelling) CAN I SPEAK WITH YOU FOR A (sudden quiet) ... moment?
Paisley: Sure.

Debbie: I heard you got sent to the hospital by that school bully, Duffy Teen. Was it bad?

Paisley: It wasn't my happiest day at school. (sniffs) A few girls were picking on me simply because I wasn't interested in their crowd. Then Duffy just attacked me, violently. If this doesn't end, I am hoping to get home schooled or maybe go to a private dance academy.

Debbie: Do you think your after school job had anything to do with it?

Paisley: Maybe. It's hard to say why some people pick on others. Working at the graveyard is NOT my dream job but it does help pay for dance classes and performance costumes.

Paisley: Dancing is my dream! And whatever I have to do or put up with to achieve it, I will. You know?

(front door slamming)

(music starts again)
Debbie: (muffled) Maverick, can I ask you something?

Debbie: Why do you think Dante, aka the Cat, is targeting you?

Maverick: I can't comment on that.

(door slamming)

(commercial break)

(birds chatter as footsteps sound on porch)

Debbie: Now the public really wants to hear from the creator of the two love interests of Drake. Is Chloe really that clueless or do you think she is about to hit Drake with a refusal?

Phebes: I honestly think she IS clueless about the whole situation. She believes in the good of everyone.
Debbie: Oh really? Well, I happen to have an exclusive photo courtesy of Twallan. And here it is...

Debbie: Can you please explain to us what is going on here!?

Phebes: Chloe merely asked to borrow a dress for a date with Drake and Nani went ape shit. Nani is having a hard time dealing with Drake choosing Chloe over her. She has been finding comfort in the arms of any man who will have her. Between losing Drake to her best friend and the guilty feeling of her endless one night stands, Nani blows up at the smallest things. 
Debbie: So insightful. My inside sources tell me that all signs point to Drake popping the question to Chloe. Given his track record, do you think he will be faithful? 

Phebes: I know Chloe will make a wonderful wife and mother. Drake will, unfortunately, just be a little sad in the pants. But once they make it official, I have no doubt that Chloe will be more than enough to keep Drake happy. Girls talk, ya know?  
That's all the time we have here today. I thank you for watching! But please stayed tuned because ...

... we have exclusive family pictures and a home tour given by ME! Enjoy and join us next time here at .... Harmony Happenings!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode Six

Chloe leaving in a hurry the way she did, had me up early and thinking about her.
But I didn't have much time to worry as Ashpie wanted to meet as early as possible. She had children at home and all.
She wants me to do a background check .... on Early! They are co-workers and are up for the same promotion. She is looking for anything she can use to smear Early's reputation. 
While traveling to the community center, I got  a call from Chloe. I told her I was on a job but she insisted she just wanted a few minutes of face time. I told her to me me downtown by the subway mainstation.
 She wanted to apologize for the way she left. As we entered the station, she told me that unless we are married, she wouldn't sleep with me.

I guess laughing was not the best response. But now she had basically thrown down the guntlet: get married or get lost....

I didn't have time to think about this crap, I had a job to do.

I made it to the community center ....

... and after checking several of their exhibits ....

I was able to find a secluded place to use my laptop and connect to their wifi.I settled in to do a little hack work and hopefully be entertained by T's updates.

Paisley was beat up real bad by the High School bully. She had to take a ride to the hospital!

Conflicting stories are being reported about Bina and L. One says they are drifting and refusing to talk. The other says the both earned a Simtra point together...

Jocasta Bachelor was in the streets raising a ruckus about having over 11 grand stolen from her.

Nate, the recently professed Robin, smirked as he deposited the funds into young Maverick's account.

Derek has been put on the Van Helsing hit list. I hope he doesn't end up like Ladybug65!!
(Side note: she's not gone, just not a vamp anymore)

Don Lothario's reaction to the news that his ex-lover, Simsgal, gave birth to twins. They were named Elmer and Alecia.

Those Caliente sisters were found at the winery making kissy noises at Dina's baby bump. The father: Arden, one of the towns' gigolos.

Cornelia looking very sinister after just recruiting Venus from Roarke's gang. The two leaders have drawn battle lines are on the verge of an all out war.

Pen had a book signing at the library. Apparently, she jogged the whole way there.

After that last update, I skedaddled back to Ashpie. I slipped the information she was looking for with a warning for her to use it wisely.

She claimed I was a gem and said she would spread the news of my investigative skills. I hope some better cases come from this odd job.

She quickly left me to head to the diner with her son, Brydon. They were having a family celebration in honor of his birthday.

I took the time to clear my head with some more exploring. I headed to the Perpetual Rest funeral home. I ran into Jolee who claimed the best place to look for secrets was in the catacombs.

So off I went.
Despite hours of searching, I only was able to find some interesting seeds.

When I came out, it was to find Fel in deep distress. Wanting to avoid new baby hormones, I edged away and placed a call to Mr B. He agreed to have a few drinks with me at the Gamers Club. I swung by my place to change.

After a few drinks, I started pouring out my troubles with Chloe. Mr B was full of stories about him and B. Some funny, and some not so funny. I felt bad for holding back what I knew but I was sure it was for the best.

But I wasn't sure of was that I could hold out for Chloe. 

Mr B insisted that I needed to "find my true feelings". Whatever the hell that meant.

I told him I would look into it. Then we sat and finished watching the Tigers cream the Gators.

When L showed up and began playing some crap called Sims 3, Mr B decided it was time for him to go home.

I wonder what B was up to while he was gone?

I headed to the bar and ordered some Dim Sum. A great meal but at $180, its fine for only rare occasions.

I noticed Mark had come in. After I finished my meal, I shook hands with him. I told him how I had met his wife at the Laundromat.

We got to talking and realized we had a lot in common. I asked if he wanted to have a few drinks, since I really didn't feel like going home or calling Chloe just yet.

He informed me that, unfortunately, he already had plans for the evening.

So there I was alone, more than half gone with all the drinks I had consumed, flipping through updates ...

Paisley has given the town loon a second glance. Could it be love or is madness catching?

Mark had to make an early night when news filtered to him of Dante stealing Maverick's favorite painting. A serious ass-kicking ensued.

I look up from my phone to see the most gorgeous woman talking to the most hideous man.
So I rescued her and started to ask her sign and if she were dating anyone. I found out our signs are compatible and ...

Hell to the Yeah!

We spent time bumping on the dance floor.

Oh man, could she move.


Despite every thing, I only had one thing on my mind.

Getting a tattoo!

After Sadie was finished, I thanked her and asked if she knew if any jewelry shops were open. She gave me an address and smiled as I let out a whoop of excitement. I was going to propose to Chloe!!!

Updates given while Drake was buying the biggest diamond he could afford:

A couples party was thrown at the wedding venue.

Fel was heard suggesting a second child would be nice to keep Erik company. But Clay was sure to keep his reply unheard. 

Roarke was spotted leaving the lovely Lacey Thibedeaux on her door stop at 4 am! 

Could she be ditching Dante in favor of an old lover?

Those celebrating Birthdays

Baby to Toddler: Erik, Collin

Toddler to Child: Brydon

Child to Teen: Morty, Bella