Monday, June 27, 2011

Episode Two

At exactly 7 am, I head off to 14 Ingleside Drive to meet up with Roarke.

Had to stop and wait for some kid riding his bike to school. It looked like Maverick, one of Phebes kids. Come on, Kid, hurry it up!

T must be up early. Already a text about Lizzy Denozo getting a job in showbiz.

Roarke was outside waiting for me. He claims one of the Clumsy Girls, Early, broke into his house and hacked his computer. Supposedly she used the ill gotten information to get a promotion at work, but that hasn't been confirmed by T yet. My job is to get evidence of this hack.

(NEW MESSAGE: L was seen slapping the face off Dante Wilde!)
 Hacking a personal computer is delicate business. And one best done from a computer not linked to your own name. I decide to head to a friend's house ... to use theirs.

Yes, the lovely Miss Chloe. The one I had met at the Irish Green. I schmoozed her with talk of my lifetime want. She seemed duly impressed and invited me inside.

She introduced me to her roommate, Nani.I went on to tell Nani a bit more about what I do as a PI.

Chloe seemed put out that I was spending so much time talking to her roommate.   
She headed upstairs to grab her guitar while I got to know Nani a bit better.

While Nani was engrossed in watching Chloe perform, I snuck back inside.

I set my phone up to the side so I could keep an eye out for T's messages while I got down to the business of hacking Early's computer. She had a crummy firewall and sloppy password protection, but what I needed to do would take time.

Soon, T's texts started to flood in. Beau Braxton and Nina Caliente ... that guy must need glasses.

NinjaKay was seen openly flirting with Garnett York. i was slightly amused by that. Then a biggie came in...

The first wedding!!

Better him getting tied down than me! But she is a looker so good luck to them both.

Fel chose to leave the Clumsy Girls household and move in with Clay and his buds. After that update, I started to finish up by putting a few surprises on Early's computer. I headed outside to let Chloe know I had to leave.

I explained that I had to take a business call inside and apologized for taking so long. She didn't seem to mind, especially since Nani had to take off for work as a Film Extra.

During our conversation, we realized we shared the Natural Cook trait. A perfect opening to invite her to my place for dinner. Sadly, she turned me down. Women! What exactly does "moving too fast" mean anyway?

A quick call to Roarke led to a meeting an abandoned warehouse. Or so I thought. As I meandered around the back, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful backside entering the building. Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm! My view was interrupted by Roarke's harsh voice calling from behind me.

I passed the evidence to him. He looked it over then handed me some rolled up bills.($500, my going rate.) Then he told me to piss off! He better be glad I didn't punch him in the face... but I had other things to occupy my time.

T was afraid for a friend of his, named Pen. He hadn't caught sight of her in days. So I set out on stakeouts to see if I could find her for him. I checked the local cemetery first. It had been days and she could have ended up there without either one of us hearing about it.

It was a dead end. But I did find an interesting flower behind the mausoleum. After putting it into my inventory, I decided to go bar hopping in hoped of finding Pen.

The Gator Shack was deserted except for Skip Broke and an ugly bartender. I didn't even bother going all the way in.

A quick stop at the winery proved another dead end. I believe that was Mark at the wine racks.

I had just walked into the old hotel lounge when I got a call. It was Bina, another of the Clumsy Girls. She had need of my computer skills. I decided to hold off on the search for Pen in lieu of a paying job.

I met Bina outside the theater. She claims the credit bureau mis-represented her scores and she needed me to help her get it straightened out. I took her case. This was going to be the easiest 500 bucks I have ever made.

I raced across the street to my place to get on my home computer. Hacking the bureau was just too easy.

I was slowed only by an incoming text from T. Ashpie's son, Brydon aged into a toddler. Unfortunately, T could only catch a glimpse of his older brother, Aiden.

Twenty minutes later, I had changed a few 0's and 1's around and Bina's credit scores were better than 95% of the US population.

Bina had already left work so I met her at her apartment. After I explained the need for maintaining good credit, she happily paid me my fee. Then told me she was going on a shopping spree with her new credit! Women.

After raking in $1000 in one day, I decide to get back to T's search for his friend Pen. I check in at the City Cat dance club. No sign of Pen here but they do have some awesome wings. I sit at the bar, reading T's texts.

Pen has been found! Well, thank God. I was fearing the worst for her.

Apparently, she and Kels had been having secret rendezvous.


Oh, he was trying to show me a picture of our newest teen resident, Horsey.

I was pulled out of my phone by a newcomer in the bar.

After a few drinks and some flirting by the bar, we moved our little party onto the dance floor. She was looking hot and I was definitely getting the "take me home" vibe. When she disappeared into the ladies room, I did one more phone check.

The Clumsy Girls are not doing so well. Bina and Early are no longer friends. With their illegal activities, one would think they would have lots in common.

Kels made his and Pen's relationship official by planting a big sloppy kiss on Pen right in front of the diner!

Pen was not happy with the flak she got from Don about her new relationship status.

Ashpie is now on maternity leave. She is very determined to have a baby girl!

Beau Braxton really gets around. He was seen flirting with Bina not but hours after making googly eyes at Nina!

Phebes was once again spotted at the laundro-mat. Does that woman ever do anything besides laundry? And the last update for the night is a doozy....

Simsgal is pregnant with Don Lothario's baby! With that, I clear out everything from the day. And just in time. Nani was heading back from the bathroom.

I was all for taking Nani home when I was distracted by Lacey Thibedeaux's entrance into the club. 

***Hey, it's me, B. I hope you guys are enjoying the show so far. I wanted to let you know I try very hard to get pics for all of the updates. But I am not able to take pics inside of others homes. So, sorry some things don't get in. Anyway, did Drake score with Nani? How will this affect his chances with Chloe? Stay Tuned!!***

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode One

Yea, I moved again. Things get stale if you stay too long. I decided to rent out this little bedroom at what people call the haunted house. It's not much ...

... but it offered a garage for my old Ford.

If you don't know, my name's Nathaniel Drake (Uncharted). Most everyone calls me Drake, and I am a PI, a private investigator. This is my account of living "In Harmony".

My first stop was the local PD to give the good ole boys a heads-up. I got heckled and given the run-around, but nothing I ain't used to. 

I have a snitch in this town that goes by the name of Twallan. I've never seen his face but his tips are always reliable. While waiting for him, or preferably a PAYING customer, to contact me, I took a cruise around the town to see what I could get into.

Hmmm, I'm thinking a working girl. Might have to go look her up soon. I parked the truck then headed to the gossip hot spots to find out the major players in this town.

The salon proved to be busy. I found some sisters there contemplating a make-over. I concur, those wenches needed some serious help.

I soon learned from this young man that those two were considered "hot pieces" and would I please move my keester out of the way so he could keep looking. More power to him. 

While I was heading to my next stop, I got a text from Twallan. The Clumsy Girls all got jobs. This poor girl here is Fel. And she was mighty upset with her new job at the local PD. Can't say that I blame her.

This is Bina. A happy go lucky sort who got hired at the Movie Cineplex.

The last of my tips was on Early, who is apparently afraid of ... everything. And she will be working down at the Sacred Spleen. I erased those messages as I headed into the laundro-mat.

Met an interesting woman named Phebes. I did a quick people search on my phone.

Damn, married. To Mark who is currently employed at the military base.

I went ahead and introduced myself. (It's good to get your name out when you're looking for new jobs to take on.) We chatted for a bit.

But apparently she felt I was being too forward when I asked what her sign was. Really, Lady? You got two kids, I'm not into home wrecking. But I got the hell outta dodge anyway.

Twallan (aka T) shot me some pictures of the townsfolk. This is Brandi. He says she is engaged to a Skip Broke but that their relationship is rocky. 

He also sent this picture of Jolee. He included the description "single" just for me. Funny guy.

Apparently some trouble is brewing on T's side of town. I got a new text saying L and Ryder were not getting along. L is a self-employed painter. I sent those pictures to my home computer then deleted the messages.

I made it to the Irish Green right at happy hour. I was joined at the bar by Mrs Harns, a single mother of a teenage daughter. Too much baggage for my taste.

I sat enjoying my drink until I heard the door swing open. Wowzer! I jumped from my seat and followed her upstairs.

Her name is Chloe, she is an Aquarius, she's single, and is currently living in the suburbs with her roommate, Nani. Nani is a teacher and also single. Jackpot!! I didn't want to press too hard so I got her number and went back downstairs.

I found this hot number warming my seat. I offered to buy her a drink.

I think a "No, thank you" would have sufficed. I took a seat at the other end and thumbed through the multiple texts T had sent while I was chatting up Ms Chloe.

Simsgal, currently a dishwasher at the diner, was seen getting flirty with Don Lothario outside the public library. He is a known womanizer, hardly worth the the girl's time.

L and Jolee were seen at each other's throat. T was unsure what prompted the argument.

Kay was spotted coming out of the theater, bragging about her new home.

Nate shared that his wife, Ashpie, was expecting again. That would make bambino number three.

And Gunther Goth shared just a little too much at the public pool!

And the last update was a picture of our very own celebrity living in Harmony. A Lacey Thibedeaux. She is a retired model and the only four star celebrity in town. It was getting close to closing time, so I paid for my drinks and headed home.

I fixed myself a bowl of cold soup, then just stood at the window. It's amazing really. At 1 am and the city was still lit up light with neon lights.

I headed upstairs and checked out my website. A hit! I had a job. I was to meet a Roarke Cunningham in the morning. He gave no other details, just that I be punctual. I saved the email to a folder on my computer then shut it down.

I was busy brushing my teeth and thinking about having to spend the night alone, when my phone beeped. I guess T was gonna give me one more update before I hit the sack.

Skip and Brandi have officially ended their engagement. And Fel and Clay have just started one. What a way to end the day.