Monday, August 22, 2011

Episode Nine

My head was aching when I woke up at 4 am. I figured Nani got me home, so I owe her for that.
I popped a few Tylenol and chased it down with some OJ to kill the worst of the pain. I decided to flip through the updates I missed during my bender last night.
Ashpie, who just made Resident, was seen getting chummy with the new mommy, Dina. Her son, Mike, just aged into a toddler.
Jewels(a new extra at the studio) gave poor Dixie a rough go after she popped off about Jewels dress.
It has been confirmed: Sadie is now going steady with Dante, a.k.a. The Cat.
Fel got a good wallop when Dina found her alone by the Butterfly Esplanade. It is supposed Arden, Fel's close friend and the father of Nina's baby, was some how involved.
Bina and L made the leap and have moved in together.
Early quickly filled the empty rooms left by Bina and Fel with new roommates. PF and Ace are new residents of Harmony.
Samantha Bordelinski has just aged into a child. Congrats!
It was a little after 5 am when I heard some shuffling around in the house. A Burglar!
I didn't get a chance to make out who it was before they jetted out of the house. I quickly called the police to let them know what had happened.
This new officer assured me they would look into it, but I had my doubts. Was Mr. B behind this?
The sirens woke Nani. I decided to make breakfast for the both of us.
The kitchen was tense and silent as we each took care of household duties.
I had a moment over the pancakes when I recalled that the last meal Chloe and I shared was grape pancakes.
After breakfast, Nani claimed she was going to the salon. I bummed around the house doing odd job that I had let be since I had so many cases coming in. I knew my cheater reputation was to blame for the sudden lull in my case load. 
I sat at the computer watching for updates from Twallan. Kels had a not-so-secret meeting with Venus at the Gator Shack. I wonder if Pen knew?
L was all too happy to accept Ace into his elite club: The Nerd Herd!
She proceeded to fulfill all obligations by filing for self-employment as a writer.
Phebes was getting her game on at Joe's Junk Yard in her formal wear.
L, the busy little bee, found it was his place to inform Sadie of Dante's actions as The Cat. T says she is now refusing Dante's calls but hasn't broken things off yet.
When I found myself emotionally invested to the online broadcast of Harmony Happenings, I knew I had to get out of the house. There was only one place I could think to go.
To Chloe's house. And, like a dream, I saw her beautiful form floating out of her door and down the stairs. Right into my arms, it seemed.
Until she screamed in my face to get the hell off her property!
I expressed how hard it had been since I didn't have her in my life. She shook her head with regret and I knew it was over. No going back.
She told me to make it easier by just staying away from her, her house, and her work.
I didn't bother to look back.
I walk into the sitting room hoping to down a quick drink but instead I found Nani ... crying.
Her first words to me were "You ruined my life!" Now how am I suppose to take that? What the crap is wrong with her now?
With her reputation, I think me doubting that I was the father was a logical step. WRONG!
An argument the size of Texas ensued. Complete with her implying my mother was a llama!
She was adamant that the baby was mine. She even offered to do a paternity test. I started to believe her. I was going to be a daddy?! I couldn't handle all these changes in my life. I called up Mark and headed to the Irish Green.
He was a good friend and bought the first two rounds. He listened as I poured out the newest turn my life had taken.
He was even man enough to not call me on the few tears that I shed. But things abruptly changed ...
when Mr B (as per his request, Mr B shall now be known as Silver) walked in.
I ordered another drink and waited for a signal from Silver.
I lost my patience and approached him. I wanted to know what Nani had been involved in. What was Project-X? And why the elaborate sheme to ruin my life?
Silver assured me that Nani had been involved of her own free will. She had volunteered to be a art of the project long before she had met me. And he never intended for me to get in the way.
Twallan was actually at the heart of the project and unless I wanted to lose the best snitch in town, I needed to keep mum about everything. Still confused as ever, I understood the need for T's secrecy.
Still under the influence of the several drinks I had consumed, I was very affable with Silver are assured him I would drop the search for answers.
Skip, that prick, wanted to show off for Simsgal by starting in on me. I ignored him until he brought up Chloe.
Then I proceeded to get my ass kicked!!
Mark had my back and kicked Skip to the curb. Then he bought yet another round for us.
The patrons started in on me about my cheating ways. I decided to call up Sadie and see if she would give me another tattoo.
I told her I was going to be a Dad and wanted something to mark the occasion. Mark decided to hit the salon's hot tub.
While Sadie worked, I read through some updates from T.
PF and Arden joined the Mile High Club. And for the honor, he only charged half price.
Michael Bachelor just scored a home run with Horsey. Let's hope those two were safe!
Kels was at it again! Through Debbie, I learned that he had just broken up with Pen. And already he has moved on the Dina.
T was not really sure what all this was about.
Sadie was done. I think the plumbob was an excellent choice for my tattoo. I only wished I could have added it to my Chloe tattoo.
I went to join Mark and realized he was completely naked. I laughed in my inebriated state and joined him in the buff as well.
I was relaxed and feeling good. Then Mark had to ask the hard question.
Having to think about marrying Nani killed my mood. Well, until Sadie walked in and dropped her dress to the floor!
I slid over next to her and started cuddling. Mark seemed to get upset and got out. Sadie and I fooled around a bit more.
Until Mark came back dressed in full gear and told me to get out. I was a little mad. But he dragged me out and got me dressed before anything more could happen between Sadie and I. I should appreciate that he kept me from compounding my mistakes.
He dropped me off at my rental. I stumbled up the stairs and stripped to my boxers. Where I passed out for the second night in a row.

Reader's Opinion: should Drake marry Nani?