Thursday, September 8, 2011

Episode Eleven - Part One

My first thought of the morning was that I couldn't believe that I was married .... to Nani. It's funny how things in life can change in an instant.
One minute I was contemplating throwing out Nani's weird cat statue ....

... the next Nani is rolling out of bed saying her water broke! Oh Crap! I just got married! THings are moving too fast for me! 

But they were moving much faster for Nani. She was puffing like a freight train before I could even get her down the stairs.

Living outside of town has its drawbacks and a long trip to the hospital is one of them.

But we made there in time. Nani didn't bother waiting for a wheel chair. No, she strolled right in and demanded a room. She opted for the epidural and things went smoothly for her. The wait seemed endless. Finally, the time came to push .... 
Seeing Toby being born was a miracle I couldn't describe. Watching them bundle him up and place him in my arms left me weak. I stared into the face of the child I had created and felt my whole world focus on something other than myself.

After a one day stay in the hospital, they released Nani and Toby. I called a cab to bring us home.

Nani had been strangly quiet in the hospital. I chalked it up to being tired from labor although I was told she did well. Still, the ride home was filled with an uncomfortable silence.

To try and ease things between us, I offered to keep an eye on Toby while Nani took a shower and changed.
I stared down at my son. Nani had refused to let him have the first name Francis, after my grandfather. But we compromised and let him use it as a middle one. So tiny.  

I was kinda afraid that I would break him when I picked him up.

Welcome to the chaos that is life, little guy.

After changing another diaper, I laid Toby down and headed to the kitchen to make my famous waffles.
I noticed that she looked a little dressy for just hanging around the house. But then she casually mentioned she had somewhere to go. What the hell?!
Movie star or not, she should stay home and take take care of Toby. But she refused to give details and I got tired of arguing.
I told her to do what she wanted. I would see to Toby.

As I started to clear the dishes, she took off for the door. Already, I could feel strain in this marriage.

I brought Toby a bottle and burped him real well. He fell asleep before he finished the whole four ounces. 

With time on my hands, I decided to take a dip in the pool. I set the baby monitor on my towel and started with freestyle laps.

My muscles were humming by the time I had put in a full fifty. And it had been two hours with out a word from Nani.

I checked my phone: no missed calls or voicemails from Nani. I didn't have time to worry as Toby's cries came through the monitor.

Yea, he's a cute guy. Aren't you a cute little bug? Yes, you are.

As the morning rolled on and still no word from Nani, I decided to grab a drink while I popped open the laptop.

It was after noon so that made having one drink ok. At least, that is what I told myself.

I realized with all the ruckus with Toby, I hadn't checked in with Twallan. And he had plenty to share.

Ace moved out and into my old place. She celebrated by meeting up with Arden.

A proposed midnight dip turned out ...

... not quite as planned!

Bina was let off for maternity leave. Rumor is, she is having second thoughts about the quickie marriage.

Today, Dina got word from her doctor that she is indeed pregnant. 

Kels is mystified how that happened.

Paisley surprised PF with the news of Kels quickie marriage and the supposed love child with Dina.

Erik Henderson was found hiding out at the local junk yard. When asked why, he said he was trying to stay way from ...

Mike Caliente-Crazy (Kels Crazy's now adopted son)! he was spotted leaving the Ashpie residence where ...

...Collin reported the loss of one of his prized collectable cars.

I tried to call Nani once again. Her phone went straight to voicemail. I wonder why T wasn't sending me any updates on what she was doing?

Although he was sleeping, I felt compelled to lift Toby up just to snuggle him. How could Nani just abandon him like this?
To kill some time, I switched into some wind-pants and pumped a little iron. But wimpers from the monitor cut my workout short.

Toby was being fussy, so I turned on the sports channel and paced with him. I heard feet on the walkway. Maybe Nani was finally home.

It wasn't!

I called for Chloe to stop but she drove off. She has a bad habit of doing that. Why can't I just stop these feelings I have for her?

I finally got Toby asleep when I hear Nani pull into the drive....


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