Friday, September 9, 2011

Episode Eleven - Part Two

SHE DIDN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT?! She damn well better talk about it! She had been gone all day with no phone calls or texts or anything. I mean, common courtesy. I told her as much.
She gets in my face, spouting nonsense. Some crap about prior commitments and needing to do what she had to. I had a feeling she was talking about Project X but I couldn't prove it.

What really made me mad was that she said she COULDN'T tell me what was going on. So in the end, I told her to keep her secrets, if she didn't want me to be part of her life.

I walked into the dining room and poured a quick drink. Nani followed me in. I sat simmering while she nervously pleated her dress. I thought for a moment that she might open up to me.

But a thin wail came through the baby monitor signaling that Toby wanted some attention. I held my tongue while she looked at me. Then she silently turned and walked out of the room.
I hate that my mind instantly thought of Chloe. How different my life would be if this ring had been put on by her. But it wasn't fair to compare Nani to her. To keep trying to make Nani measure up. My inner monologue was cut short by my phone ringing.

It was Ryder. He had something he wanted to pass onto me. He asked me to meet him at the old hotel bar. I walked into the baby's room to tell Nani where I was going. She nodded but didn't say a word. I leaned over the baby and pressed a quick kiss to her temple.

I drove away from the house and was ashamed to realize that I felt relief. Putting up with Nani and her shenanigans while trying to care for an infant was putting me on edge. I was glad to get away. As soon as I got to the bar, I ordered a double and opened my phone for more recent updates from T.

Brenda has aged into a young adult. That makes two orphaned teens that have been released into the public!

Horsey was seen out with Tommy, offering condolences on his recent break up with the youngest Gilbert girl.

Bina and L have both agreed that things aren't working, but are willing to keep trying for the baby's sake.

Simsgal shared the news with all her co-workes that her babies have just started their first day of school. (ELMER - twin) [Don Lothario - Father]

(ALECIA - twin) [Don Lothario - Father]

Jewels offered Zack Teen tutoring in math. Rumor is, that's not all she offered him!

PF got started dating Skip. She must be attracted to heart-breakers. 

I had just put my phone away when I heard the obvious sound of a camera clicking. It was then that I noticed Ryder standing in the back trying to motion me over.

Ryder said that Sean had called him in for a job. He didn't say what Sean had hired him for. He just wanted to pass along that Sean had some intriguing news that I should know about.
He handed me a wrench from his back pocket. I asked what it was for.

He looked over as Clay walked in. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me to never be without a means to protect myself or the ones I love.

As I staked out the local Stop-N-Go, my mind drifted. Ever since I had stumbled upon Project-X, my life has gone to crap. Nothing was as it seemed and I wasn't sure who I could trust any more. My meandering thoughts almost made me lose my target.
I could tell Sean was not happy to see me. When I asked what he had for me, he gave me a blank stare. I told him that Ryder had sent me after him and that he better talk.

He grudgingly shared that he had only mentioned to Ryder that he had seen Nani today. So someone HAD seen her! But I wasn't prepared for what he told me. I didn't say anything to him. I just walked back to my truck and drove home in a daze. 

I found Nani in the shower when I got home. Despite the open invitation I saw in her eyes, I couldn't bring myself to be with her. I felt like a snake as I thought of poor Chloe feeling the way I felt at this moment.
I walked into Toby's room and looked down at his angelic face. I tried to find my features in his face to assure myself that he was mine. That Nani and Silver didn't use me to keep their affair covered up. I took one last look at the unmistakable Drake nose then walked into the bedroom.

Nani was already in bed. I said nothing. I turned out the light and slid under the covers. Tomorrow, I would get answers. But first, I was going to track down Silver....

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  1. Oh, gosh! Sooo much going on here. I am really excited to see next week's installment. I used to think that Drake was a skeeze, but I am starting to feel really bad for him. :( I hope things start looking up.